5 reasons to measure customer satisfaction

In recent years there has been a shift from product-oriented marketing to service-oriented marketing. More and more emphasis is being placed on service towards the customer and the after-sales process is becoming increasingly important. The customer is increasingly central. Measuring customer satisfaction, also known as customer feedback, is crucial to understanding your customer. By measuring that customer satisfaction, you know exactly what you need to do to gain and retain the trust of your customers. It is crucial to know how the customer feels about you as a company. Precisely to respond in this way to the things that are not going well. This blog discusses the importance of customer satisfaction, later you will read how you can boost your business results by focusing on the right things.

Why measure customer satisfaction?
As a company you want satisfied customers. But how do you know if those customers are really that satisfied? By conducting a customer satisfaction survey you determine how satisfied the customer really is and on which aspects you might be able to improve. Below are 5 reasons to start a customer satisfaction survey today.

1. Insight into the rapidly changing wishes and needs in the field of customer satisfaction
In the world we live in, customer wishes and needs change very quickly. To be able to respond to this in time, and to stay ahead of the competition in this way, you need to know what the customer really wants.

2. Turn your customers into promoters of your company
Loyal customers provide a positive word about your company, they are the so-called promoters. In general, these promoters provide spontaneous recommendation to family, friends or acquaintances. Just check with yourself, if you are really enthusiastic about something, then you will pass it on. These recommendations can be seen as the best advertising a company could wish for.

3. Improving the relationship with your customers
To know how the customer really thinks about you and to be able to respond to this in a timely manner. Strengthen the relationship with your customers and fix the things that went wrong.

4. You show that the customer is always central
By means of a good customer survey you show that you find the opinion of the customer very valuable and that you as a company are really ‘customer focused’.

5. To focus on the things that really deserve the focus
Perhaps the most important part of the customer satisfaction survey: Focus! This may sound a bit abstract. What this means is that you should focus on those things that are really important to your customers. For example, it may happen that customers think that your price-quality ratio is not good enough, they rate this aspect low. Your first instinct is now that you need to change this. Quite logical… or not? Well, no… It may be that this aspect scores low, but that changing this aspect has little impact on satisfaction. But then what should you do? We use statistical analyzes to calculate which aspects really make the difference. We can show which aspects really boost satisfaction and which aspects can boost your business results!

What makes the difference in customer satisfaction research?
How can you really make a difference with your customer satisfaction survey… A question we would all like to know the answer to. We believe there are two main aspects that make the difference.

Do something with your customer satisfaction survey data!
One way to make a difference is to deal with the results. Make sure that you don’t collect the data you obtain just for the sake of collecting, but that you actually do something with it. Analyzing large numbers of data still proves to be a challenge for many companies, while combining various data can provide the best insights. Insights that you can really use!

Continuous attention to customer satisfaction
A second point with which you can really make a difference is the continuous measurement of your customer satisfaction. Pay constant attention to it and build it into your business operations. This way you always know what is going on and in which period things are going less well. And if something still goes wrong, you can make adjustments in time. Never underestimate the power of customer satisfaction!

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Merel Eijkelkamp

Junior Project Manager