6 tips to quickly increase customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction, and in particular increasing it, is becoming increasingly important. That is why this is more often a recurring topic on the agendas of companies. It is realized that high customer satisfaction can seriously contribute to the success of the company. Not a bad idea, because it turns out that happy customers spend 140% more than less satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are more likely to make a new purchase and are then more likely to make additional purchases. In addition, they also promote your business: win-win situation. But how do you increase your customer satisfaction as quickly as possible? Below you can read 6 tips that actually contribute to increasing your customer satisfaction.

1. Direct, honest and sufficient contact is appreciated

Contact is something that a customer values. If this is direct and honest, it will only be appreciated. In addition, it is important that you find the balance in the degree of contact. Communication with the customer is key. In any case, make sure that if something happens to the purchased product or service, you communicate this in a timely manner. Negative customer experiences are often the result of a lack of information or incorrect information. If you have your communication in order, customers will be more quickly satisfied with your product or service.

2. Complaint handling

What we regularly encounter in the responses to our customer satisfaction surveys is the not or slow handling of complaints. Customers are not satisfied with the complaint handling or indicate that they have the feeling that they are not being taken seriously. This often results in a low NPS score (recommendation score). A complaint should be seen as an opportunity. As a company, you must set yourself the goal of resolving the complaint. Therefore, give your customer the feeling that you really contribute to a solution and actually come up with a good solution, then the customer will feel that he matters. Look, there goes your customer satisfaction: +1.

3. Reward your customers

Take a look at your customer base. They could all make a follow-up purchase. For example, reward existing customers with an offer or gift. Upselling is the goal here, but you give the customer the idea that he/she is valued. Customer happy, you happy. Extras also help, for example offering an extra service without charging this amount. Or, where possible, a reward or savings system where the customer can save for discounted or free products. Show that you value your customers. In this way, your customer satisfaction could be boosted.

4. Surprise

Is your customer’s birthday coming up, or do you realize that there has been an important event for your customer (for example because you see this on Linkedin)? Then congratulate him/her. For example, send a card or a nice appropriate book. This will come across spontaneously and who knows, it might strengthen the customer relationship.

5. Satisfied employees

Nothing is more annoying than a grumpy salesperson or disinterested store staff. The customer experience drops to 0 and in the afternoon over coffee it is explained in great detail that you should never go into that store: only grumpy salespeople. It is therefore important to invest in the quality and satisfaction of your employees. Because your employees have a major influence on the satisfaction of your customers. Your employees must be motivated to maximize customer satisfaction. Happy employees = happy customers.

6. Added value

The last tip and maybe a bit of a no-brainer is of course; deliver something that has an extra added value. Do you have faster delivery options (Ordered before 12 noon? Delivered tonight – bol.com) or is your packaging the best (coolblue.nl)? Think of something you can be the best at. For example, a good customer experience can include offering better service, reliability and high ease of use. Broad terms, so a good idea to think about this.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Increase customer satisfaction? Measure first!

All those tips are nice, but to really know whether it has an effect and whether your customer satisfaction increases and more importantly; whether your business is really growing, you have to start measuring. This way you can measure your customer satisfaction 24/7 and actively respond to complaints or compliments in order to build even better customer relationships. Because satisfied customers really come back more often, so measuring is knowing. There are still many companies that measure customer satisfaction on an ad hoc basis, for example by making follow-up calls or sending an e-mail about how the product has been experienced. This is expensive and the response is often disappointing. Nowadays it is much easier and a lot cheaper. Response between 25% and 35% is no longer striking. Do you want to know how you can easily measure customer satisfaction? Then click below:



Merel Eijkelkamp

Junior Project Manager