Focus through the use of statistics


Measuring customer satisfaction is a step in the right direction for your company. Measuring customer satisfaction is one thing, but how do you know which elements to really focus on? That is also quite tricky. What you could do is focus on the elements that score low and try to improve them. This is often a first thought after conducting the customer satisfaction survey, because yes… you want your customers to be satisfied with everything, don’t you?

In our opinion, this is not the right way. What is a much better way is to have it calculated statistically. This way, you can see with a certain degree of certainty which elements are really important for satisfaction now. This way, you are much less likely to focus on the things that do not contribute to your customers’ satisfaction.

How does statistical analysis work?

By performing a statistical analysis, we find out the drivers of customer satisfaction for your business and can predict where you need to focus on to really contribute to your customers’ satisfaction.

The image below briefly describes how we use statistical calculations.

We use advanced statistical analysis methods (GSEM, OLS regression and Factor analyses) to determine the final drivers. This all sounds a bit complicated, but what it actually does is allow us to see which elements influence satisfaction. So we can see exactly which buttons to turn to make your customers more satisfied. This will ultimately lead to more satisfied customers and promoters of your business. Read here why promoters are so valuable for your business. This is very valuable information and will in the end help you to really focus!

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Tessa Harink

Project Manager