Why does AlphaRainbow stand for growth through focus?

Since 2000, AlphaRainbow has been helping entrepreneurs understand what matters most to their customers. Companies often don’t know how to deal with the amount of problems and opportunities in the market. As a result, companies have to make decisions based on their feelings or perceived urgency. As a result, many investments are made in activities that yield too little. AlphaRainbow helps companies grow by getting them to focus on those aspects that are important to their customers. These are the aspects that make the difference.

As a company, it gives you a lot of knowledge to determine what is really important to your customers. This allows you to know which aspects of your business you need to focus on to increase your customer satisfaction. We also refer to these important aspects as the drivers. When you increase your customers’ satisfaction, you get better results. This is reflected in an increase in turnover, more new customers, higher customer retention and fewer complaints. If you know which activities have the highest priority, you can leave less relevant activities alone. This will save you costs on activities that do not produce results. Focus what matters and leave what doesn’t.

Here is an example showing how more focus has been created in a hospital that wants to improve its service. In a hospital, there are many different aspects that can affect visitor and patient satisfaction. These include the layout of the waiting room, facilities such as a good coffee machine, signage and empathetic doctors who really empathise with the patient. The hospital is then faced with the choice of investing in refurbishing the waiting room, in better facilities, more signs showing the way or in the doctors by making them listen better. Conducting a customer satisfaction survey revealed that the main driver of satisfied visitors and patients is doctors’ empathy.

At AlphaRainbow, we help you create this focus through a diverse range of services, such as our customer satisfaction survey. Together with you, we draw up a questionnaire in which we include all aspects that may be important to your customer. After conducting the survey, we use statistical analysis to determine which of these aspects are most important to your customers (the drivers). You will receive a compact report containing concrete recommendations, so you know what to focus on. Not only do we conduct the customer satisfaction survey, we also offer support in implementing the results throughout the organisation. Have you become curious? Then take a look at our website.


Cynthia ter Wisscha

Project Manager