How do you determine the key drivers of your customer satisfaction?

Companies know that understanding customer satisfaction is essential for their continuity and growth. Through customer surveys, you get valuable data that you can turn into actionable information. But how do you do this? In this blog, you will read on how we at AlphaRainbow use driver analysis to determine what really matters to your customers.

Business as usual

Many companies analyse their customer satisfaction surveys in the usual way. This is often a combination of closed questions with scores and a text analysis of the open questions, sometimes displayed in a Wordcloud. They also still sometimes distinguish between regions, customer size and/or customer type. But this still doesn’t tell you what matters most to your customers. That’s why at AlphaRainbow we go a step further.

The AlphaRainbow driver analysis as a tool for focus

The AlphaRainbow driver analysis is an advanced correlation method that determines which aspects (on which respondents have given a score in the survey), have the most impact on overall customer satisfaction. Examples of aspects are: Delivery reliability, Quality, Technical support, Communication, …

Our analysis calculates which aspects really matter and deserve focus. And these are not always aspects you score lowest on. Our method shows fact-based, which aspects have the most impact and how they score on overall customer satisfaction. In the image above, ‘Technical support’ has a low score, but also a low impact (low customer value). So no action is desired on this. The impact of ‘Communication’ on customer satisfaction in the image above is high, but the score is low. Here, therefore, immediate action is required to improve customer satisfaction. In this way, of all possible aspects that affect customer satisfaction, the five with the highest impact are determined. This allows you to create effective and efficient improvement programmes in a focused way to increase customer satisfaction.

Would you like to know more about how our driver analysis works and what it can do for your company? Or are you curious about how we scientifically and statistically support our analyses? Then get in touch with us!



Merel Eijkelkamp

Junior Project Manager